DIY Cutoff Shorts

Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY Cutoff Shorts

Jeans or shorts
Embroidery needles
Embroidery thread (seen above)
Studs (if you like)
*Optional-sewing machine. 
It's a small amount of sewing so it could be done by hand.

I started by cutting the jeans to my desired length. I usually start long and go shorter. So this time I made a few cuts. The picture shows 2 but I made about 4. 
*Always try on in-between cuts!

Next, I layered the fabric over the shorts. 
There really was no easy way for me to do this so I lifted the fabric, then cut a few inches and repeated that until the whole section was cut out.

Next, I pinned into place. I put a few sides through my sewing machine, but it was difficult for me to sew using my machine without sewing the shorts together so I did it in sections. The hard to sew sections (the pockets!) I used embroidery thread to add a decorative touch and keep the fabric in place.

 I kept the colors of the fabric in mind when I purchased the thread. I wanted it to accent the fabric and add a boho look to the shorts. I used an embroidery needle and had the thread looping over the denim edge pictured above.

 I then decided to add a few decorative thread accents on the bottom corner with a couple scattered studs and on the pockets to tie the fabric into the whole pair of shorts.

Top: Thrifted ($4)
DIY Shorts: Thrifted ($10)
Sandals: Thrifted ($10)

This was such a fun DIY! It was an easy project and will be perfect for any summer shorts makeover.
The possibilities are endless with this DIY- whether it's stitching words with thread, adding fabric on both sides, or threading the entire pair in a cool design.
 I wanted to showcase the beautiful shorts so I kept the rest of my outfit simple. I've been searching for the perfect nude sandals that weren't too light for my skin tone and came across these beauties at a local thrift store. It's like they were made for me. And they were only $10!

I will be taking a little blog vacation because I'm volunteering for a few weeks at a camp. So what better way to leave y'all then with a little project for you to do when I'm gone :)
Thank you so much for all your support and I can't wait to come back!

Restyled Denim

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Peplum: H&M ($15) (similar)
Buffalo by David Bitton Denim: Loehmann's (similar here)
Heels: Marshalls (also here)
Necklace: Target ($7) 

These jeans were my first "designer" jeans ever
I was elated when I left the store with these and they quickly became my favorite jeans. After about 8 years, I still held onto them even though they weren't my style anymore. I decided to restyle the flared baggy jeans into sleek skinny jeans. I simply sewed the inside hem in a few inches, to be the exact fit I wanted, then trimmed the newly sewn hem. Sadly, I didn't take a before picture, so just imagine baggy flared Laguna Beach-esque jeans.
I dressed them up a bit with this gorgeous peplum (on clearance), my favorite nude studded heels, and a lovely agate necklace. Perfect outfit for a coffee date with my husband!

Thank you for reading!

Restyled Denim Shorts

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oversized Sweater: Marshalls (similar here)
Cutoff Shorts: Restyled Abercrombie Denim (more white denim here & here)
Necklace: Styles
Louboutin Fringe Booties: Birthday Gift (another cute pair here)

I got this pair of jeans my sophomore year in high school just because they were $7 from Abercrombie. I never wore them until I decided to restyle the pair into denim cutoffs last summer- now they are my favorite shorts EVER. I paired them with an oversized knit sweater, feather necklace, and suede fringed booties for a simple, but chic summer look.
Fringe is probably my favorite styles for this season, or any season for that matter. 
There is something so carefree and fun about fringe.

Thank you for reading!

Turquoise Jeweled Cuff

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tank: Platos ($1)
Lace Skirt: Forever 21
BCBG Sandals: Marshalls
Cuff: Target

There is something I adore about blue paired with gold. It's such a classic combination and this cuff completes the color story. The quality is amazing and it's such a statement piece. I added it to a simple outfit for a pop of color and glamorous touch.

Thank you so much for reading!