Concord Ivory

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blouse:Forever 21  Shorts:Abercrombie & Fitch
Sandals:Ross  Earrings:Forever 21 

This is a typical school outfit for me: flats or comfy shoes, a casual outfit, and my “school purse” which has a pocket for EVERYTHING. I even pack extra items just because I have so many compartments i.e. my daily devotional, cuticle oil, things like that! I got it at Marshalls a few years back and I liked the bag so much I got my mom one since she likes big purses with tons of pockets for random things…like me! It has really soft leather, it is cute, and came with a umbrella. Plus it was $40!

ps. Nick brought me home a special gift today. It's for a DIY project that I'm hoping to have finished in a few weeks. Needless to say I’m pretty excited :)

Acapulco Cliffs

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vest:Target  Tank:Forever 21  Pumps:Ross  
Bracelets:Forever 21  Paige Jeans:Ross

I’ve been wanting wide leg jeans for forever now! When I would come across a pair they would never fit right.  They were always too short, or light, or just creepy. I came across this pair of Paige jeans at Ross! I saw them early in the summer and skipped on them, and then when I went in this week they were waiting for me! I got them for $20. What a score! The jeans are thin and loose so they keep me cool, especially in 90-degree weather!

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Silver Grey

Monday, September 26, 2011

Top:Thrift Store  Sandals:Ross  Bracelet:Forever 21
Seven for all Mankind Jeans: Birthday Gift(senior year)


So I had a pair of jeans I got as a gift in high school that had faded and I just put them in the back of my closet. In the recent move I rediscovered them and remembered how I really liked the fit and design of them but the light wash looked weird on me so I decided to restyle them with a new dye job! I used a dye called Silver Grey from the brand iDye. 
I got a dye from the local craft store in town that I could put in my washing machine. I will admit the first time I thought I was going to ruin my washing machine but it didn’t!
I started a regular wash cycle, threw in the dye packet (the whole packet dissolved in hot water) dropped the jeans in with about a half cup of salt. No idea why salt or vinegar needs to be added but in the instructions it called for it. Then I turned the cycle off so it could soak for about 10 minutes. Then I turned it back on and it finished the cycle. That’s it! Pretty easy huh? I usually wash anything I dye right after to make sure any excess dye is off. I liked the jeans but wasn’t crazy about the flare. It was too short for heels and too long for flats, so I took about the stitching and made them skinny/straight leg using my sewing machine. 

The left is the restyled cut and the right is the original flair.

These might be my new favorite pair!

Seafoam Green

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

 Top:Wet Seal   Belt:Bakers
Sandals:Ross  Skirt:Made by ME!

So I’ve wanted a maxi skirt all summer, but I’m trying not to buy any clothes so I had to figure something out. I was at Walmart two weeks ago and noticed the fabric section shrunk to only an isle. So I was scoping out fabric and I found a bolt of fabric that was on sale with 5 yards left…for $5. So basically $1 for 1 yard=AMAZING! Especially since it was in a cute striped print with my favorite color. Seafoam :)

Here is how I made it.

I cut two rectangles. Pictured above are squares, but imagine two rectangles about the length of your desired skirt.

Then I hemmed about an inch in from the top and bottom. I used a simple straight stitch. 

Then I laid one side on top of the other, so the outside was facing the outside of the other layer, basically an inside out skirt missing the side stitching. For this part I used a more intricate stitch to sew it together mainly for extra strength, so it wouldn’t fall off my body in a public place. How mortifying would that be?!

I started sewing the pieces together a few inches in on the top part for my waistline then slowly moved the stitching out while sewing down, imagining how it would fall on my body. I left extra knowing I could make it smaller. I tried it on and measured how much more I would need to take in on my waist. The only part I needed to be exact on was the waist because I wanted to flow down and not be tight the whole way through. I could have put in elastic for the waistband but I didn’t want that to be uncomfortable after wearing it all day. Then I trimmed the edges and cut any excess threads hanging.

And voila’ my summer maxi skirt that cost $2.50 :)

Orchid Petal

Monday, September 19, 2011

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 Free People Top: Platos  Bag:Target
Cutoff Restyled Shorts: A&F  Bracelets: Tjmaxx
Ralph Lauren Shoes: Ross
 What a HUNK!

Last week there was a little cooling trend and it was amazing. This week it is all 96 or hotter. So this is my “its hot out outfit!” Shorts, a loose lightweight top, and my beach cruiser so the wind will blow through my hair. And I love my basket on my bike :) Just thought I'd let you know!

I just discovered pinterest and it is AMAZING. Can’t get enough!

Club Navy

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cuff:Vintage  Dress: H&M  Pumps:Steve Madden
Clutch:Vintage from Mom

 Close up of the bracelet I wore 

Handsome husband and I 

Nick and I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend. It was at a winery with such a rustic charm that was reminiscent of an Italian Village with cobblestone courtyards and little balconies. It was so fun dancing, drinking wine, and enjoying the candy bar. The bride had on a beautiful dress; it was from the Vineyard Collection by Priscilla of Boston. It was the perfect dress for the location, I was in awe of it AND it had pockets! The dress pictured above had pockets too and it was great! I love pockets in unexpected fashion pieces i.e. dresses & skirts. 

Also why do guests wear white to a wedding? 
The rules have not changed! A floor length Cinderella gown is NOT wedding appropriate. 

Pearl Gray

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blazer: Platos Tank: Forever21 Scarf: Sister's giveaway pile.
Rich & Skinny denim: Platos Wedges: Bebe Studded cuff: Forever21
Tote: Burberry

I wore this scarf for all those Missoni lovers out there. 

I went with my older brother Joseph to the mall the other day so he could get a purse for his girlfriend (LV Speedy 35 Damier jealous) We went to LV and I drooled over everything. After we left I made a pit stop for me. Cinnabon. So Joseph was carrying around this hugehugehuge LV shopping bag and I was carrying by cinnabon chic. NOT.

But the cinnamon rolls were delicious. 

Coolest candy store. EVER. They had giant versions of sweets. 
I was freaking out and Joseph was freaked out(by me)

Satin Lagoon

Thursday, September 15, 2011


A while back I worked at a restaurant in San Mateo, which happened to be down the street from a thrift store. I got off work around one(am!) and was walking to my car and spotted a bunch of junk across the parking lot behind the thrift store: chairs sticking out of a dumpster, a few broken desks, and thrown on the ground was this mirror with a ton of potential. This couple happened to be parked in the same parking lot and they were staring at me so I had to decide do I skip the mirror and save my dignity OR grab this mirror out of a trash heap and look like a total weirdo. OBVIOUSLY I chose the weirdo! 
Here is my restored mirror!

 Gross mirror!
 I cleaned the mirror and removed all the screws so I could get even coverage and not miss spots.

I sprayed the primer all over to make sure the gold was gone. Long gone!
Spray painting barefoot is the way to go!
To make sure I got all over I sprayed light sprays in one direction and by the time I got around the mirror I was able to do a second coat, then I repeat the process going the opposite way. I always keep moving because if you spray without moving you get drip marks. Which are hard to remove! 

So happy with how it turned out. It looked good white but I'm glad I went with the blue because of the pop of color!
Overall my mirror project cost me.........$6!

Exuberant Pink

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

 Top:Marshalls Shorts:Platos circa 2005
Sandals:Marshalls Watch:Dooney & Bourke

Too excited about these shoes! They were on mega clearance at Marshalls. The best part about it was that I didn’t spend a dime on that shopping trip since I returned a dress. So technically I did spend money since I bought the dress, but I like to think that I didn’t!

These sevens used to be long pants that I got my junior year in high school and after a little restyling they make the perfect shorts!

Now I’m off to restore that mirror I posted last week! 

Warren Acres

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

fit from yesterday
Top: Marshalls ($12) Pants:Forever21($8)
Pumps:Ross($12) Bracelets:Forever 21 (gift from Giulianna)
I put the prices because of how inexpensive the items were!
So what if I got caught by my husband listening/singing to Big Time Rush this morning! 
And yea I bought the song on itunes! 
Oh you don’t know who Big Time Rush is?! That’s because they’re a boy band from Nickelodeon. 
No shame in my game!

Off to a bike ride and coffee date with my husband! Yes I am the luckiest girl in the world :)