Silver Grey

Monday, September 26, 2011

Top:Thrift Store  Sandals:Ross  Bracelet:Forever 21
Seven for all Mankind Jeans: Birthday Gift(senior year)


So I had a pair of jeans I got as a gift in high school that had faded and I just put them in the back of my closet. In the recent move I rediscovered them and remembered how I really liked the fit and design of them but the light wash looked weird on me so I decided to restyle them with a new dye job! I used a dye called Silver Grey from the brand iDye. 
I got a dye from the local craft store in town that I could put in my washing machine. I will admit the first time I thought I was going to ruin my washing machine but it didn’t!
I started a regular wash cycle, threw in the dye packet (the whole packet dissolved in hot water) dropped the jeans in with about a half cup of salt. No idea why salt or vinegar needs to be added but in the instructions it called for it. Then I turned the cycle off so it could soak for about 10 minutes. Then I turned it back on and it finished the cycle. That’s it! Pretty easy huh? I usually wash anything I dye right after to make sure any excess dye is off. I liked the jeans but wasn’t crazy about the flare. It was too short for heels and too long for flats, so I took about the stitching and made them skinny/straight leg using my sewing machine. 

The left is the restyled cut and the right is the original flair.

These might be my new favorite pair!


  1. I love your blog! I cannot wait to make time to copy some of your things! So inspriring! :)

  2. what a transformation! i love it! i never thought about dying old jeans, i usually just cut them up into shorts. now i'll have to experiment a little. xx

  3. These look great! Like a brand new pair of amazing jeans! Following your blog now, would love if you checked out mine! xoxo

  4. this is incredible! i wish i could do this kind of thing. i don't trust myself enough though, ha!
    xo TJ

  5. holy moly. i dunno why i havent found your blog sooner. i love your restoration/creations so much! those jeans look ridiculously new after you worked your magic!!

    oh and i love your pinterests ;) that has become my new favorite site too!!
    hope we can be bloggin buddies

  6. this is great! i didn't know you could re-dye jeans. they look amazing on you. great post!
    xx sarah

  7. That's amazing!!! Love your blog doll.


  8. Wow great diy and to restoring those jeans! They look spanking new!

    XOXO from SF

  9. Nice jeans! Good job!

  10. i have never heard of that before! what a cool idea, i am seriously going to try that.

  11. Rocking that casual chic look, love it.

    Liz Lizo

  12. The Salt or Vinegar sets the Color. So always use one or the other. Great Job.

  13. WOW!! These are incredible! I would've never I wish I never got rid of all those boot cut jeans from high school that I wanted to turn into skinnies. I could've had a BUNCH of great jeans instead of like two that I really like haha. I might have to go thrift store shopping to try this out myself :)

  14. Great job!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  15. You totally inspired me to do this to my own jeans and I'm so happy that it worked!

    Thank you!

  16. Just stumbled onto your blog. Good call on the denim makeover. What an economical alternative to new designer skinnies?!? Love it! Thanks!

  17. you go, girl! I really should pull out my drawer full of flares and get to work... haha! :)

  18. Can you share how you made them skinny? I may have missed it. The color is great!!!