Pearl Gray

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blazer: Platos Tank: Forever21 Scarf: Sister's giveaway pile.
Rich & Skinny denim: Platos Wedges: Bebe Studded cuff: Forever21
Tote: Burberry

I wore this scarf for all those Missoni lovers out there. 

I went with my older brother Joseph to the mall the other day so he could get a purse for his girlfriend (LV Speedy 35 Damier jealous) We went to LV and I drooled over everything. After we left I made a pit stop for me. Cinnabon. So Joseph was carrying around this hugehugehuge LV shopping bag and I was carrying by cinnabon chic. NOT.

But the cinnamon rolls were delicious. 

Coolest candy store. EVER. They had giant versions of sweets. 
I was freaking out and Joseph was freaked out(by me)


  1. Looooove the scarf, so Missoni in deed! Actually love your whole outfit. You're gorgeous! My self-esteem just took a dive seriously. Frenemies for life? LOL!

    Now I'm craving a Cinnabon.....

  2. Thank you! Yea right! You even look gorgeous painting a dresser. So yea frenemies for life :)

    Ps I found a cinnabon recipe, if it turns out good I'll email it to you!