Club Navy

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cuff:Vintage  Dress: H&M  Pumps:Steve Madden
Clutch:Vintage from Mom

 Close up of the bracelet I wore 

Handsome husband and I 

Nick and I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend. It was at a winery with such a rustic charm that was reminiscent of an Italian Village with cobblestone courtyards and little balconies. It was so fun dancing, drinking wine, and enjoying the candy bar. The bride had on a beautiful dress; it was from the Vineyard Collection by Priscilla of Boston. It was the perfect dress for the location, I was in awe of it AND it had pockets! The dress pictured above had pockets too and it was great! I love pockets in unexpected fashion pieces i.e. dresses & skirts. 

Also why do guests wear white to a wedding? 
The rules have not changed! A floor length Cinderella gown is NOT wedding appropriate. 


  1. Beautiful bracelet!!

  2. Pretty classy :) !