Grecian Isle

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tank:Styles  Scarf:Walmart  Rich & Skinny Jeans:Platos
Ralph Lauren Sandals:Ross  Nixon Watch:Birthday gift from Nick :) 
Showing Nick my empty pockets

The reason for the gap in posts would be the fact that my phone got stolen right out of my purse. How lame! So I was semi distracted from life for a bit, but back to the fashion posts, this scarf….love! I spotted it at Walmart of all places. I was back to school shopping and figured I would need a back to school scarf! Plus how can I pass up a CUTE five-dollar scarf?!  

Have you heard that phrase, “I could sell ice to an Eskimo” or “ketchup to a lady with white gloves (weird!)?” Well I’m that Eskimo/lady. Nick says I’m a shopaholic, but my thinking is, why pass up a good deal?! Example, my outfit pictured is under fifty dollars (sans watch). That’s quite a feat especially with Rich & Skinny jeans involved.  

Audrianna and I planned our outfits together :)

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