Yellow Dalila

Monday, August 22, 2011

Paige Jeans:Platos Wedges:Marshalls Blouse:Marshalls Pendant:Loehmanns 
Pearl & Gold Chain: Mom's Jewlery Box

 First fashion post! I had to choose an outfit that would describe me well. A loose linen top because Livermore is HOT, my favorite wedges, which remind me of orthopedic shoes for some odd reason and my absolute favorite necklace!  Usually when people see this necklace they always ask to read it, which I like because it sends a good message, about accepting yourself.

 I wanted to take the picture somewhere neat and I had a perfect spot in mind but Nick missed the turn and since we were so close to my Dad’s shop we decided to stop and chat. I saw the yellow wall and loved it! It’s crazy how you will see something one day and a week later it is completely different! This wasn’t a yellow cinderblock building; it was a perfect backdrop for a fashion post. Kudos to Nick for awesome photo taking abilities, who knew I married a photographer!
This is my little brother Vinny. He wanted to take part in the picture taking. What a goofball :)

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