Vibrant Prints

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dress - c/o Marshalls
Oryany - TJMaxx
Mia Heels - Ebay
Initial Necklaces - gifted from my sister Giulianna

I heard a commercial on Pandora the other day announcing the arrival of Pumpkin Spiced lattes and it totally threw me off guard. No way is summer almost over! I just started sifting through my fall items and I'm deciding what I can carry into this upcoming season. I usually try to buy things that can translate into all seasons and I can just switch up my accessories and layers. This dress happens to be one of those items! I picked it up at Marshalls and before I could make my way to the register, I was stopped not once, but twice, by women who wanted to know where I found this lovely dress. What immediately caught my eye was the beautiful print; I loved the black accents woven into the pattern and the crochet detailing on the arm. The dress had such a vibrant, festive print, plus with its breezy chiffon fabric- I knew I had to go home with it!  I didn't notice the fluttery sleeves until I tried it on, so that was just the icing on the cake. 
Well, the real icing on the cake was that this dress was only $16.99! No joke!
The quality and fit is incredible that you would never guess it was under twenty dollars. But that's Marshalls for you! Amazing, high-quality items at a fraction of the cost. I makes sense why I shop there once a week (don't tell Nick!).

Now I really need to step up my home decor for this season. I want to make it super cozy and inviting. I have super dark floors and have a hard time creating a warm feel to our home.
Any suggestions?

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