Friday's Fashion Find

Friday, November 30, 2012

 I have been looking for the perfect everyday shoe.
I wanted a closed-toe, comfortable, and fashionable shoe.
Today was my favorite thrift store's half off day and I waited in about a 45 person long line to get in. 
And it was totally worth it. I spotted these beautiful BCBG boots for only $5!
You will definitely be seeing these in an upcoming post!

Do you have any recent fashion finds?
Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Those are amazing! That is like the deal of the century!


  2. Thats amazing! You must live in a good city because the thrift stores around me are not this good!

  3. What an awesome find! Unfortunately the thrift stores in my area don't have half off days or any kinds of sales plus they would've marked these gorgeous babies up to $20!

    <3 Danielle

  4. what is the thrift store you go to?!