DIY Chain and Bead Layered Necklace

Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Chain and Bead Layered Necklace

Needle-nose pliers and wire cutters
10mm gold jump ring (metal circles)
Gold crimp beads
Wire for beading
Chains - I purchased the larger one from Forever 21 and the other from Joanns
Beads of your choice - I chose 2 different sized green beads and gold metal beads

I layered the chain in a way that I liked to make sure it worked well with the beaded part.
Then I used the jump rings to clasp the chains together to keep them in place.

I took the smaller chain and attached it to the same jump rings that hooked the chains together from the last step.
Above are the three chains all attached to the smaller chain.

Then took the piece of wire and two crimp beads and threaded them through another jump ring then back through the same crimp beads and used my pliers to squeeze the crimp beads closed.

Then I threaded my beads on and repeated the same step with the crimp beads and jump ring on the opposite side. I trimmed any excess wire and repeated the whole process again with my second set of green beads.

When I was beading I was careful to make sure the necklace was layered in a way that I wanted BEFORE I shut the crimp beads. This way you can shift it around until it is in a desired position.

When the beading was finished I added a clasp to the end of the necklace. I opened one of the gold chains, slipped the clasp in, then shut the metal ring using my needle-nose pliers.

Finished! A beautiful and easy DIY chain and bead necklace.

Shirt: Forever 21
J Brand Jeans: Thrifted ($4!)
Belt: Thrifted
Wedges: Marshalls
Necklace: DIY

This was a cute and easy DIY that makes such a statement!
I added these amazing J Brand jeans I thrifted for only $4 and a cute neon belt that was also thrifted for a casual, everyday look.
I kept my outfit relatively simple to showcase my glamourous new creation. 
This necklace was such a fun project and didn't break the bank!

Some tips for this DIY:
-Buy beads on sale or find a coupon on the internet. I got these for 40% off and I know Joanns currently has all beads for 40% off.
-Chains can be expensive and I wanted a nice thick one. I found that it was cheaper to buy a simple curb chain necklace from Forever 21 then to buy a scrap piece from the craft store.
-Don't rush! This was you can play around with the layers and make sure the necklace is exactly how you want it to be.
-Have fun!

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Fab job with the chain!

    Mrs. Delightful

  2. Great look! The necklace is so beautiful!

  3. I love that you made this necklace! It is so beautiful!


  4. Great outfit! I abbsolutely love the collor combo

    Xo, Kelsey

  5. I love this whole look! I love how easily you combined green in the necklace, yellow in the belt and blue in the jeans. It came together effortlessly :)

  6. You should seriously open an etsy shop. These necklaces are so beautiful!

  7. You always find the best thrifts! Love the j brand jeans :)
    -jasmine o.

  8. The necklace looks turned out amazing!
    Love your shoes!

    Now following!

    xx, Martha

  9. Just found your blog via pinterest! Cutest necklace! What a cute idea. New follower :)

  10. I love all of your posts. I cannot believe how simple s lot of these things are to create.