Decor Inspiration

Saturday, January 7, 2012

During the process of house hunting, I've been clipping and pinning decor styles/pieces I like. It's fun finding our style, looking at furniture, and daydreaming about our future. The great part about decorating is that you don't need to do it all at once; you can slowly find items that are absolutely perfect for your home!
Here are some items I'm crazy about:

Tufted Furniture

Bedside Seating

Source: via Francesca on Pinterest

Mirrored Furniture

And of course...a beautiful espresso machine.

You can check out my other decor pins HERE


  1. i LOVE that turquoise couch in the first picture...i need it!

  2. We have similar style! I love it all! It's so fun to discover your style as a couple.

  3. i love your decor inspiration! so gorgeous!

    i'm also loving your new blog look :)

  4. OH i love the tufted furniture and all the mirrors! Gorgeous colors too!

  5. @Brandilyn I know right?! So cute

    @Faith I stayed up waaaay to late doing it! Glad you like it!

    @ThisLittleMomma i'm having a blast finding out our style...especially doing it on a budget! Makes it more of an adventure!