Aztec Print

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top: H&M
Denim: Nordstrom Rack
Booties & Earrings: Target

Lately it's been so warm! I wore this light aztec blouse with some skinny jeans and wedged booties, and since the sun was out I opted for no jacket/sweater today. Also I have to share what I found earlier because I'm beyond excited about it!
We were driving down the street to get coffee we took a different way home. I saw a beautiful anthropologie-esque wingback chair deserted on the side of the road.  I wiped my drool and loaded my car. It is in impeccable condition and the only thing I need to do is redo the cushion. I love the nailhead detailing with the vintage floral print...and of course the price tag. Free :)


  1. Who would leave a beauty like this on the side of the road? What a great score for you- wish I could score something like that.. sigh... :)

  2. Very pretty! And wow I love that chair.

  3. That chair is BEYOND amazing!! A white cushion would be simple to work with. I love it. Lets have a photoshoot with it!?

  4. @Mrs.Henshaw I was thinking white or even orange, just depends on what Joanns has. It's the perfect photoshoot chair! How fun :)

  5. Love H&M! :) That chair was ON THE STREET?! What the heck! It's awesome!

  6. Great chair!!! I love finding someone else's trash and making it my treasure. Someone would probably pay a fortune for a chair like that in a furniture store.