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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

When Ali introduced me to the ItWorks products (which you can read about more here), I was especially excited for the facial. But I will be completely honest, I wasn't expecting any results, instead I was just looking forward to a relaxing 45 minutes. I took the before and after photos right out of the shower, without a stitch of makeup, freckles galore, and wet hair. Keep in mind, I have a newborn now-my dark bags under my eyes are par for the course. I did the facial in the evening, because I thought after rubbing in the excess lotion, sleeping with it on would be extra moisturizing. My skin was drier than usual with the recent change in weather, so I was looking forward to how hydrating the facial would be for my skin. It smells like a beautiful herb garden and tingled a bit when I first put it on. I left it on for the 45 minutes as the directions said, then rubbed in the excess lotion that was still on my face and went to bed. I woke up and noticed my face looked a bit brighter, but it wasn't until I compared the photos that I really saw the difference. I'll admit, I was blown away by the change! My under eye bags seemed a bit lighter and my skin brighter! My skin tone is way more even and feels so much softer. This was just after one use, so I'm anxious to see the results after a few more applications. I'm hooked!
As much as I hate sharing these photos-eek! 

Here are my before and after shots:

I'm extending the giveaway since it took a while for me to get my results up. Seriously people- you need to try this luxurious facial. Your skin is so soft after! The giveaway is extended to Saturday, so you have more time to enter. More details here

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