39 Weeks

Friday, April 25, 2014

Today marks 39 weeks in my pregnancy.
I can't believe our little man's due date is next week! 

Sidenote- I was convinced I would get stretch marks, which I was totally ok with! I knew that you can buy fancy creams and oils, but genetics plays a large part also. I used Bio Oil for about a month and a half and then didn't want to repurchase is because it was on the more expensive side. So while shopping at Grocery Outlet, I discovered this huge jar of cocoa butter cream for $4.99. Let me tell you, it is very potent and you smell like a cocoa puff after you put it on- BUT- I have zero stretch marks! I know there are some readers who are expecting and figured I had to share this little tidbit. I applied it after my shower in the morning and right before bed. It's very oily, so I would just wear a camisole under blouses during the day to protect my shirt.
I always laughed at those commercials but now I'm a cocoa butter lover! 

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  1. Wonderful product. I like Bio-Oil too.

    Happy Mother's Day!