Thrift Store Haul

Sunday, July 7, 2013

After getting such positive feedback about my last thrift store haul- I made another!
Thank you again for all the kind comments and feedback!
Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see and check out my YouTube channel above.
 Stay tuned for another video on my channel soon.

Thanks for reading/watching!


  1. I love these videos! Keep em coming!


  2. I love your blog and the videos. The only suggestion I have is back up a little so we can see the entire item especially on the clothing. I posted last time and am still wondering... How do you pick thrift stores? I've never seen even a teeny tiny bit of the stuff like you find at my thrift stores in WI. I live in a bigger city but people just don't buy things and give away like the items you show. So I'm not asking you to give up any location secrets maybe just some ideas on how to scope a good store and figure out good days to go. All I seem to find is stained, trashy grandma clothing :( I love thrifting but get deterred when it's not fruitful. Thanks! - Tiffanie

  3. Yes keep the videos - you've inspired me to thrift more :)

  4. I'm new to your blog and love your videos. How about a closet tour? Also, do you get rid of older items as you buy new ones?

  5. Great thrift haul, you have a great eye for style and value. I agree with Tiffanie, I'd like to see more of the items so you need to be further back from the camera. Or maybe move back and forth, close for dialogue and back for showing the items? You'll figure it out. On a helpful note regarding the dialogue, to avoid repeating yourself, you could generally plan out what you want to say and when, and then spontaneously say it in the right part of the video and keep it more concise. Otherwise, love your enthusiasm and personality and I look forward to more videos. Gerrilyn