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Monday, October 22, 2012

 Here is a little update via Instagram. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.
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Fur vest and metallic polka dot blouse for a gloomy day

Photoshoot I did with my baby sister. Seriously-how cute is she?!

Pint night!

Yummy blondies on a beautiful cake plate.

Finally! I've searched high and low for nude pumps that match my skin tone and found these gorgeous ones at the thrift store. Brand new too :)

Favorite flower. Thanks Momma!

Pretty blue mosaic tile


Bike riding into the sunset

Garters for the local homecoming. Busy busy!

Casual Friday outfit

Grey and gold mani- this may be my new favorite combo

Nick is a bird whisperer. This little bird flew right into the window and Nick saved its life. 
My hero!

A recent feature on the Mia Shoes fashion blog.


  1. Your gray and gold mani is perfection!!

  2. Oh wow! Congrats on your feature! I love that blue mosaic tile. How am I not following you on Insta yet?! I've been following your blog for months!

  3. Im looking for similat heels right now. Love those!

  4. Love all of your pictures! And the picture of the bird is too cute.

  5. Wonderful pics! Looks like you have a wonderful life :)