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Monday, April 16, 2012

Just a little update via Instagram. 
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Perfect day for a neon maxi skirt

I saved this one :)

I'm not into Greek yogurt- but this flavor is the biz!

After searching everywhere I finally found a pair in my size. Only had to call 15 stores!

Lovely Equipment blouses- both scored for under $100. Thanks Marshalls!

Carmel for the day

Rainy ferrry trip

It's garter season and I'm slaving away!

DIY bracelet. 

If you like coconut you will love these!

How beautiful is this rug?! It was love at first sight

My little hippie sister. Such a cutie!

 Thrifted Betsey Johnson floral wedges ($10!)


  1. Oh how I love instagram and your fortune! :)

  2. You seriously have a GIFT! (Is finding amazing deals a spiritual gift? :) I am going to Marshall's ASAP.

  3. loved the DIY bracelet since you wore in an earlier post. still so smart with the swimsuit strap and brooch. love the floral wedges, can't believe $10 nice thrifting

  4. Replies
    1. It's from Overstock. The have amazing deals on rugs! This one is called Moden Luna Lantern.