Leopard Jeans

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

If you haven't noticed, printed pants are HUGE this season. From bold floral printed pants to luxe leopard denim, this style is a fun take on a normally basic piece. By far my favorite print has been leopard; I fell in love with the Current and Elliot leopard stiletto jeans, until I saw the price tag. Fear not! I discovered these gems at Target while doing my usual browsing. They looked great in person and satisfied my longing for leopard pants. Thanks Target!

Printed pants: Yay or Nay?


  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I love the bold. I think it fits VERY SPECIFIC body types. For myself, I would rather wear a printed top because my top half seems "more toned" than my bottom half?

    Hope this doesn't hurt any feelings... but if you don't want to take the eye to a large bottom half, don't!! :)

    But they are adorable! Not all fashion is for all bodies!! :)

  2. I like the printed bottoms in theory. I haven't been bold enough to buy any yet though. I do LIKE like like the gray leopard Target pants!! I hadnt seen any gray leopard before, and I love gray, so that might be the perfect first buy. Thank you for the heads up :)

  3. i like the idea of them, but don't think i would look good in them. so i would admire anyone who can pull it off ... i know you can and would!

  4. I saw these this week...very tempted to buy them, but chickened out. Not sure what to wear with them without looking like I am trying to be 20. Do you have any tips?

  5. Love your blog- newest follower!!!


  6. Definite NAY. You must have the right body and personality to pull it off.

  7. I just bought those jeans from Target! Super cute!