Instagram Lovin'

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

By far, my favorite app is Instagram!
I love posting nail art, fashion scores, or anything that makes me smile :)
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Nick & I at the rehearsal dinner

favorite nail polishes EVER
accent nail: Sinful in Nail Junkie (Target)
Pro Polish in In A Tiff (Sallys) 

Laying out in February. Love it!

How beautiful are these centerpieces?!

Oryany bag from Tjmaxx. Such a good deal :)

Neon tweed

Pistachio ice-cream is my favorite ever!

Thrifted crystal candlesticks

My little brother and I at the wedding.


$178 cream tweed BCBG skirt thrifted for....$3.50!


  1. SO many pretty things in one post I can't even take it. you look gorgeous, that nail polish is stunning (WHERE can i get it?), those centerpieces = perfection, and what great finds!

  2. WHERE do you thrift?! I can't believe your good deals. And can I ask how much that bag was? There's only 1 TJ MAXX by me that gets decent designers, the rest have crap. SO JEALOUS of your finds all the time! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. I go to a few in town where I live. I try to go a few times a month to check what they have. I payed $40 for the bag! No joke! The purse was missing the tag so the guy who worked there found a "similar" bag that was only $39.99 so that's what they charged me. It was SUCH a score!

  3. lovely BAG..pretty color of the nail polish too.

  4. Ok, so jealous you're laying out in Feb! Love that bag...amazing deal for $40! And the nails are so fun! I'm gonna have to try that with the one nail with a pop of glitter!

  5. The candles stick holders are gorgeous! I love that skirt and the amazing deal! We got a bunch of snow in upstate NY today :( No laying out for me!

  6. I love your blog!!! Keep it up lady :)