Mint Green

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hat: Handmade/Gift
Leather Bomber: Platos
Blouse: Marshalls
Rich and Skinny Denim: Platos
Flats: Walmart

Today was cold. California cold= jacket and the occasional hat. I can't complain! Today I wore a hat from my mother in-law. Thanks Mary! I didn't wear hats much before but this one is so cozy, warm and not the slightest bit itchy so I'm a big fan. I added my favorite dollar flats, some dark skinny jeans, and a nice flowy blouse with a little button detailing. I've wanted a brown leather jacket for quite awhile now. I found this one a few months back at Platos for $11. I was so excited aaaand it was already broken in for me :)
Thanks for reading. Now it's study time. Boo!


  1. Some great finds and you look super cute in hats! Love your jacket too! I live in CA, but am in NYC for the holidays so it is nice to hear that LA LA Land is getting a little cooler...I always miss the seasons being there! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. what a great hat! and what a steal for your jacket! i am convinced you find the best things at the best prices!

  3. Hi! I love that jacket and your hat definitely looks super cozy and cute : )