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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Here is life lately through my iPhone camera:

Feather and orchid bouquet!

 After my hardest final I came home to my amazing husband I had not seen for two days aaaand he got me my absolute favorite coffee ever, iced mint mojito from Philz. I was feeling extra loved :)
 Twilight cruise: romantic and sparkly

 Blue bottle latte!

  My little brothers are fascinated by lipstick.

 Last day of art class I had a homemade treat waiting for me on my desk from my classmate, he's like 75 and reminds me of the little man from Up. Cute!

 Handsome husband :)

I was trying to study for my history final and was even distracted in that book. But seriously, how glam is Jackie Kennedy?! Look at that color-blocking!

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Enjoy your weekend :)

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  1. What a sweet husband! :) I love that you like coffee as much as me!!