Ravishing Red

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sweater: Forever21
Necklace: 16th Birthday Gift
Leather Pants: H&M
Booties: Target

I have been wanting leather pants since sixth grade. I wish I was lying...but I'm not! When I was in sixth grade, all the girls in my class were wearing leather pants and I wanted them so bad! My mom refused, no way was she letting her sixth grade daughter wear leather or pleather pants. Needless to say I've been daydreaming about them all these years and finally came across a lovely pair :)
My little brother Anthony was my photographer today and we had to find the perfect spot. We drove all over, finally a hour later we found this field with a pretty view of the hills nearby!

Thank you to my sweet brother for his photography skills. 


  1. Aww so cute that he was your little photographer today! :) I have always wanted a pair too...but have been too afraid! These are too dang awesome!

  2. Aww a photographer in the making! he did well!

    you look hot ... love the leather pants!