Pale Aqua

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

 Headscarf: Sister's giveaway pile
Sweater: Tjmaxx
Tank: Target
Furst Denim Pants: Platos ($4!)
Sandals: Ross

My trusty macbook unexpectedly died on me the other day :( 
I was so sad especially since I never back it up. Luckily I have all my special pictures(wedding/honeymoon/Nick’s graduation) on back up discs! Pheeew. Can’t say the same about my history essay due monday and my whole iTunes library. Boo! I was super bummed out and when I got home Nick had a surprise waiting for me. My birthday is coming up on the 12th and he had been saving up for a new fancy schmancy camera for me, but since my computer died on me, he figured I would need a computer more. I’m so so blessed! Thank you my sweet husband! 
Also I will be backing up my computer weekly!


  1. Super cute look can't believe those jeans were 4$!! Love the color! Xo

  2. Seriously that hair of yours is gorgeous!

  3. Love your outfit! The aqua pants are super cute I can't believe they were only 4 dollars!

  4. Love your headscarf! Reminds me of Missoni!