Joyful Lilac

Monday, November 7, 2011

 Lacoste Sweater: Garage Sale ($2)
Paige Jeans: Ebay
Boots: Target($11)
Necklace: Target

Today I'm keepin' it cozy. This lovely soft sweater, that I wear all the time around the house, is my form of sweats. I'm not big on leggings as pants/sweats in public so this is my version :) 
And I'm wearing white pants year-round baby! It's liberating.

I am SO blessed. I've been keeping notes of what I'm thankful for in my phone and add to it during the day. I like to look over the list and just be reminded of all my blessings.
What are you thankful for?


  1. NO WAY! You got those boots for $11!? I should have waited till they went on sale! NICE FIND GIRL! :) So cute as always!

  2. You got that sweater for 2 bucks? Geez...I need to find garage like that!

  3. love the whole winter whites trend - great look xx

  4. Great find on the sweater! Can't believe it's from a garage sale!