Vesper Violet

Thursday, October 13, 2011

 Sweater: Target  Tank:Wetseal  Skirt:Handmade by Me :)
Louboutin Pumps:Birthday gift  Bracelet:Charlotte Russe  Belt:Thrifted

I’m not posting the last thrift store score because I made a skirt that I wanted to wear today instead :) I found this fabric at Joanns. I was looking through clearance fabric and found this beautiful print. It was listed at $5 a yard and it was 50% off that price! So I got two yards for $5! Yeessss! I used half a yard and made an elastic waistband skirt. I decided I would make it first and depending how simple it was, post a tutorial on it. So I will be posting one this week because it was soooooo easy! I made it while watching Law & Order SVU and finished before the episode was over. I’m excited to make more in different prints and one for my baby sister Audrianna!

Here is one of my favorite pins from Pinterest. 


  1. gorgeous outfit!! love the louboutins!

  2. cute outfit! i love your hair. ALSO i have had so many people talking about you since i did a spotlight on you. they love your blog!!!

  3. Love your blog! And cute outfit!

  4. I love your skirt! What a great price on the fabric.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  5. thank you I'm following you back now :)

  6. Brittany! Thank you again for the spotlight :) I was so fun answering all your fun questions. Ladies! Check out Brittany's blog, its aaaahmazing! And budget friendly.

  7. Beautiful skirt!

    xo Ashleigh