Branchport Brown

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lace & Chiffon Top: Styles
Leather Pants: H&M
Christian Louboutin Pumps: Gift
Bracelet: Vintage

I’m blogging while eating a delicious cupcake from the pumpkin carving party we went to last night. There were so many beautiful pumpkins and I carved my first one last night! Plus there was a contest and our hipster pumpkin even won us an award…”Most Random!” I’ll take it!
I’m currently thinking of taking up professional pumpkin carving now with my new confidence in my carving skills. Hah!
I wore this because it seemed Halloween-ish and I felt like a vampire in this top. I love the warm colored brown leather pants. They are my new fall go to for leggings! The sides are paneled so they are way comfy and not to mention cute!



  1. I'm in love with those pants and this outfit! The pumpkin is cute too ;) Great post!

  2. Thanks for the comment :)

    Just went through your entire blog. So jealous of your great finds! And love this outfit!

    love & luxe

  3. You always look so pretty! I love the black and brown together! Congrats on "most random" :)

  4. Hi!you look so beautifull! happy days!:) Loves from Turkey!;)

  5. passing by to say hello,
    i'm new to your blog. and i have to say love this outfit, i wasn't able to get my hands on those pants.

  6. Thanks everyone :)

    @Bella-check out eBay! I saw some that were cheaper than the ones at H&M!