Lime Light

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dress: Marshalls Shoes: Marshalls
Clutch:Vintage Necklace:Vintage  Cuff: Nick

So this weekend was AMAZING. Nick had 5 days in a row off and we got to hang out every single day. We went to a beautiful wedding at a park.  They couple got married under a weeping willow, which is my favorite tree ever! Plus I was so blessed to get to make the boutonnieres for the wedding (what a honor!) and was so excited to see them….in action?

Dancing at weddings is so awkward for me; maybe I’m just socially awkward as it is. Like, I dance at home and I dance my little butt off! And I don’t think I’m an awful dancer but I become this awkward moving or standing still person in the middle of the dance floor looking around. Waaaa who have I become?! 
At least I was dressed cute!

And happy birthday to my little brother Anthony, he’s such an awesome guy!

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