Chiffon Ruffle

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweater & Wrap Bracelet: Target
Chiffon Blouse: Thrifted ($1)
Leather Panel Pants: H&M
Louboutin Pumps: Birthday Gift

The reason I'm laughing in the pictures is because someone I knew drove by, but I don't know them very well so it was really awkward and I looked completely vain having my husband take pictures of me on the side of the road. Oh well!

I bought this shirt at a thrift store a while back. I altered it last night and threw a sweater on over it to cover my bum because these pants have no pockets. I wanted to have a classier look on top to tone down the leather bottoms. I love these leather leggings because they're surprisingly comfortable, so warm, and under $25! I added some simple pumps and a sparkly wrap bracelet for some glam! 

*Big heartfelt thank you all for the recent comments and emails! It's amazing hearing such positive feedback and I appreciate all the recent interest in my little fashion/DIY blog :)

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  1. Love that blouse! Great thrift find :)

  2. Beautiful once again! My mother would love your slacks...that color is her color, as she says! :) Hope you are enjoying 2012 so far! Thank you for your "thank you" are so sweet and very deserving of everything!

    LIesl :)

  3. those pants are amazing!! you rock them so well :)

  4. I have been gone too long! :) You are so cute! You know style are my favorite fashion blog to go to! :)

  5. LOVE the colors in this outfit...and those pants are awesome. And by awesome, I mean HAWT :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. I love your whole outfit :) Your blog is so good :)


  7. I L-O-V-E the pants! You totally rocked it!!

    New follower from The Pleated Poppy

  8. Those pumps!!! Love them! Cute leggings too!!

  9. Amazing outfit. I NEED to find me some leather pants. I'm visiting from What I Wore Wednesday and would love for you to join my ABC's of Style challenge at